Faculty Handbook 2021-2022 
    Jun 18, 2024  
Faculty Handbook 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Section 1: Introduction


1.1 Allegheny College Mission Statement   

The Allegheny College Mission Statement is housed on About Allegheny College.

(Revised Spring 2004) 

1.2 Statement of Community 

 The Statement of Community is housed on About Allegheny College.

(Adopted by faculty vote, 20 April 2007)

1.3 Allegheny’s Institutional Learning Outcomes 

 Allegheny’s Institutional Learning Outcomes are housed in the Academic Bulletin.

(Approved by faculty vote, 22 January 2015) 

1.4 The Honor Code 

The Honor Code is housed in The Compass Student Handbook and Resource Guide

1.5 History 

Allegheny College was founded in 1815, and Timothy Alden, a Harvard graduate, was named its first president. Initially, classes were held in Meadville’s log courthouse and in Alden’s home. Within half a dozen years, however, Alden had succeeded in attracting sufficient funds to begin building a campus, having traveled throughout the eastern states seeking support for a planned library and classroom building. John Adams headed the subscription list of donors from New England. 

The most significant donations were the fine private libraries of Dr. William Bentley, Judge James Winthrop, and Isaiah Thomas. The 1823 library catalog lists some 8,000 titles, a number of them unique today, making this collection one of the finest held by any of the early colleges. 

The need to properly house the library led to the construction of Bentley Hall in the 1820s, today a leading example of early American architecture. Designed by Alden, this structure still crowns the hill on which the campus is located. If you are interested in learning more about College history, you might find the following publications of interest. All are available in Pelletier Library. 

  1. Ernest Ashton Smith, Allegheny–A Century of Education 1815-1915 (1916)
  2. Jonathan E. Helmreich, Through All the Years: A History of Allegheny College (2005)
  3. Jonathan E. Helmreich, Allegheny College: A Tour of the Historic Campus. Sound recording Compact Disk (2000) [Circulation CD-ROM 378.748 A      Wzh. or Faculty Shelf]
  4. Jonathan E. Helmreich, Eternal Hope: The Life of Timothy Alden, Jr. (2001). [922 AL22 h or Faculty Shelf]
  5. Laughter on the Hill: A Treasury of Allegheny College Humor, compiled and edited by Nels Juleus (1979) [817 J941 L] 

1.6 Allegheny Organization 

Allegheny College is organized into a number of divisions, and each division is headed by a Vice President, Provost, or Director. The Academic Affairs division is headed by the Provost and includes the faculty; the Deans; the Associate Deans and Associate Provosts of the College; the Registrar’s Office; the Learning Commons; and the Allegheny Gateway. The most recent organizational chart of the entire College is available as Appendix A of the Employee Handbook.