2018-2019 Academic Bulletin 
    Jun 15, 2024  
2018-2019 Academic Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Studio Art Minor

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Studio Art Minor Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete a minor in Studio Art will be able to:

  1. Actively engage in the production of a body of work that demonstrates conceptual sophistication while also conveying meaning, investigating human experiences, and integrating knowledge from other disciplines and cultural contexts.
  2. Make original works of art that demonstrate effective use of design principles, creative problem-solving, and appropriate craftsmanship and technique, with focus on one medium.
  3. Interpret and critically evaluate art and media, in writing and in speech, from an informed perspective by carrying out relevant research, contextualizing and interpreting relevant works.
  4. Exhibit familiarity with the works and intentions of major artists/designers and movements of the twentieth century and with contemporary art and critical theory.
  5. Develop professional skills, such as exhibition of their work in a gallery setting, documentation of work in a portfolio, and proposal writing.

The Studio Art Minor

All six courses (24 semester credit hours) presented for the minor must be taken on the letter grade basis. Under exceptional circumstances, one course taken Credit/No Credit may be presented for the minor with permission of the chair of the department. Typically, this exception is made when a student has taken an art course CR/NC before declaring the Art minor. This policy applies to all minors in Art, including both Studio Art and Art History.

The Studio Art Minor requires completion of six courses (a minimum of 24 semester hours). This includes: one Foundation course; one Art History course; two courses in an artistic medium (the Media Sequence); one elective studio art course; and the advanced seminar (ART 583 ). No course can be counted twice.

Art History Course:

Choose one of the following:

Media Sequence:

Choose a two-course sequence from one of these areas:

Studio Elective:

Choose one of these:

  • One additional studio course from those listed above under Media Sequence

Upper Level Seminar Requirement:

Taken as a capstone experience.

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