2018-2019 Academic Bulletin 
    Apr 22, 2024  
2018-2019 Academic Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GHS 575 - Global Health Challenges

Credits: 4
A study of changing epidemiological environments in less developed regions and an evaluation of interventions to reduce disease and improve human health. Case studies explore culturally specific approaches and strategies. Students examine economic, social, political, and ecological foundations of disease and evaluate whether current strategies and best practices used elsewhere can be applied to these cases. We also review literature that evaluates successes in comparable settings and then research and propose strategies using evidenced-based approaches. Topics may include global food security, environmental change and emerging infectious diseases, megacities, and strategies that developing nations take toward a sustainable healthy future. This class is conducted in seminar format.

Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing, GHS 130 , and permission of instructor.

Distribution Requirements: none.