Academic Bulletin 2020-2021 
    Dec 01, 2023  
Academic Bulletin 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Professor Ludewig

Allegheny College offers a minor in German and instruction in the German language through the department of World Languages and Cultures. For Allegheny’s Learning Outcomes for the study of world languages and cultures, including German, please see the “World Languages and Cultures ” section in this Bulletin.

Study Abroad

Students who have completed GERMN 120  and would like to pursue their study of German are encouraged to participate in a study-abroad program. For example, students in their sophomore year who have taken one year of college German or the equivalent may participate in the Cologne Exchange Program. Students study directly at the University of Cologne and may choose from a wide variety of academic courses in German and in English. Coursework taken abroad may be applicable to the German minor; please consult the department for more information.

International Economics and Business

Those students wishing to pursue a career in language with a focus on international economics or business should combine their study of a particular country and language with a background in economics. In addition, students are encouraged to study abroad and to complete an internship either abroad or with a company engaged in international trade. For Economics or Business courses that complement a German minor, see the course of study described under International Business Economics in the “Economics ” and “Business ” sections of this Bulletin.


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