2018-2019 Academic Bulletin 
    Aug 24, 2019  
2018-2019 Academic Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

POLSC 330 - Megacities

Credits: 4
A study of urban conglomerates whose population is eight to ten million. We examine the urban form and citizenship in geographically and culturally diverse megacities, including Mexico City, New York, Sao Paulo, and Cairo. Drawing on case studies, we ask what we can learn about the global processes that characterize contemporary politics by studying so-called “global cities.” We pay particular attention to the relationship between globalization and the spatial organization of cities, exploring, for example, how social actors and states in specific places claim, reclaim, purpose, repurpose, surveil, contest, and govern public space as part of broader neoliberal social transformation.

Prerequisite: POLSC 120  or POLSC 130  or POLSC 245 .

Distribution Requirements: IP, SB.