Academic Bulletin 2023-2024 
    May 30, 2024  
Academic Bulletin 2023-2024

Software Engineering Major

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Faculty: Bonham-Carter, Graber, Green, Jumadinova, Kapfhammer, Luman

The Software Engineering major is a program in the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Area of Study. Students who major in Software Engineering may not double major or minor in Computer Science, Data Science, or Informatics

Software Engineering Major Learning Outcomes

  • While working in a team, can effectively design, implement, evaluate, improve, and document a solution to a problem delivered as a maintainable software system.
  • Demonstrates competency in the theories, models, and practices of project domains that require the engineering of software.
  • Can effectively manage and predict the cost, scope, and deadline of a software engineering project,
  • Uses effective oral and written communication methods to explain both the technical and product-use details of a software artifact.

The Software Engineering Major

The Software Engineering major, consisting of 48 credits, leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. At graduation, Software Engineering majors must have a GPA of at least 2.0 in the major. The calculation is based on the grades for all courses presented for the major. Only the most recent grade is considered for courses that have been repeated. At most one of the foundation courses (CMPSC 100 , CMPSC 101 , or CMPSC 104 ) may be presented for the major on the Credit/No Credit basis. At maximum 16 transfer credits may be counted toward the major; exceptions must be approved by the department chair.

Program Requirements:


Take all of the following three courses (12 credits):


Take all of the following four courses (16 credits):



Take eight credits of the following courses (8 credits):


Take all of the following three courses (12 credits):

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