2016-2017 Academic Bulletin 
    Jun 18, 2024  
2016-2017 Academic Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

French Studies Minor

French Studies Learning Outcomes

A student who successfully completes a minor in French Studies will achieve:

  • Advanced intermediate oral and written proficiency in French;
  • Understanding of France in historical context;
  • Understanding of how artistic and cultural movements have shaped France over time;
  • Understanding of some of the contemporary social and political questions affecting France, Europe, and the Francophone world.

The French Studies Minor

Because this minor is interdivisional, students may complete any major to satisfy the College requirement that the major and minor be in different divisions. When appropriate, other courses – for example, courses taken during study abroad – may be substituted for any of the requirements. All substitutions must be approved by a minor coordinator, and students are strongly encouraged to discuss any potential course substitutions prior to enrolling in the course.


French Language Requirement:

  • Take at least eight credits of French, including FRNCH 301 - Contemporary French Society and Culture . (Note: students may need to take additional coursework in French to achieve the needed proficiency to take FRNCH 301 , but no more than 12 credits in French language may be counted toward the French Studies minor).