Academic Bulletin 2022-2023 
    Apr 16, 2024  
Academic Bulletin 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Studies

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Professor Shaw (Director of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Interdisciplinary programs provide students with the opportunity to pursue an integrative approach to their education and to identify and prepare themselves effectively for career paths that lie beyond the boundaries of traditional majors and minors. The goal of the Interdisciplinary programs is that the student not only be able to demonstrate a grounding in a particular discipline, but also to enter into larger conversations about the complex interactions among diverse fields of knowledge and expertise. Interdisciplinary approaches enable students to relate their more immediate academic concerns to a challenging multifaceted information society and therefore to address issues of citizenship and activism. Students who enroll in interdivisional majors or minors in most cases may complete any major or minor to satisfy the college requirement that the major or minor be in different divisions.

Specific requirements for the majors and minors can be found in their respective sections of the Academic Bulletin. All interdisciplinary majors and minors are also interdivisional unless a specific division is listed for the program.  

If you navigate to “Course Search” and select the rubric, “INTDS,” you may see the descriptions of interdisciplinary courses not listed elsewhere in the Bulletin under specific programs. These are non-departmental, non-divisional courses.


To see the courses offered in these departments or programs, please use the “Course Search” link from the menu at the right of this page.

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