Academic Bulletin 2022-2023 
    Apr 22, 2024  
Academic Bulletin 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PSYCH 482 - Intercultural Mental Health

Credits: 4
A study of issues related to mental health through the lens of different cultural practices and standards in different ethnic groups in the US and around the globe. We explore societal stigma associated with mental illness on a cultural level and further investigate how elements of power privilege and difference impact the access and availability of mental health services across different ethnic groups. We also explore culture-specific forms of mental illness which are unique only in certain cultural groups around the world. Lastly, we delineate the notion of ethnocentric bias in conducting research and interpreting findings and build knowledge that enhances our cultural competency.


Prerequisite: PSYCH 206  and one of PSYCH 160 , PSYCH 162 , PSYCH 170 , or PSYCH 172 .

Distribution Requirements: IP, PD.