Academic Bulletin 2020-2021 
    Jul 23, 2024  
Academic Bulletin 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ECON 240 - Introduction to Business and Managerial Economics

Credits: 4
An exploration of the roles and responsibilities of the corporation in society, decision-making processes in business and other kinds of organizations, and basic concepts used by managers. Students examine the goals and organizational structures of firms; strategies for surviving in a competitive global economy; corporate ethics; relations with employees, investors, and other stakeholders; the regulatory environment; and the implications of globalization for today’s managers. Business and managerial economics draws upon a variety of sub-disciplines, including theory of the firm, industrial organization, corporate finance, accounting, and international trade. Case studies are used throughout to allow students to apply the theories to real world situations.

Prerequisite: ECON 100  and/or ECON 101 .

Distribution Requirements: SB.