Advising Handbook 2023-2024 
    Jul 21, 2024  
Advising Handbook 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chinese Studies

Chinese Studies
Academic Bulletin

Area of Study: Interdisciplinary Studies
Program: Minor
Now housed in International Studies

Professors Reeck (Program Coordinator), He, Wesoky, Wu

An interdivisional minor examining the religion, politics, history, and language of China. The minor includes coursework in Chinese language, Religious Studies, History, and Political Science. Through this minor, students will acquire an understanding of Chinese culture, history, society, and contemporary politics and the ability to critically analyze various issues of a non-Western civilization and its modern transformation. A minimum of 24 credits are required to fulfill the requirements for the minor. When appropriate, other courses- for example, Special Topics or FS 201 courses in relevant subjects-may be substituted for approved electives to bring the total credits to at least 24. All substitutions of alternatives for approved courses must be approved by the minor coordinator, and students must discuss any potential course substitutions prior to enrolling in the course. Because the Chinese Studies minor is interdivisional, students who complete any major can take Chinese Studies as minor. 

**Please consult with the Program Coordinator about coursework in Chinese.

The Chinese Studies Minor

Linguistic and Cultural Perspectives Requirement:

  • CHIN 110, Beginning Chinese I (not offered 2023-24)
  • CHIN 120, Beginning Chinese II (not offered 2023-24)
  • CHIN 215, Intermediate Chinese (not offered 2023-24)
  • CHIN 225, Chinese REadings, Film, and Composition
  • CHIN 305, Advanced Chinese Language and Culture (offered Fall 2023)
  • RELST 160, Buddhism (not offered 2023-24)
  • RELST 170, Religions of China (not offered 2023-24)


Historical and Political Perspectives Requirement:

  • HIST 165, Pre-Modern China: Religion, Philosophy, and Society (offered Fall 2023)
  • HIST 167, Moder China, 1800-2000 (offered Fall 2023)
  • HIST 272, Socialism and Post-Socialism in People’s Republic of China
  • HIST 353, Women and Revolution in China
  • HIST 355, Modern Chinese Warfare
  • HIST 350/573, Mao’s Cultural Revolution (offered Fall 2023)
  • POLSC 228, Government and Politics of China
  • POLSC 336, East Asian Democracy: Theory and Practice
  • POLSC 485, Seminar: Comparative Politics

At least one course from each of the two categories must be at the 300-level or above. **Please consult with the Program Coordinator about completing this relative to Chinese.