2022-2023 Compass Student Handbook and Resource Guide 
    Jun 10, 2023  
2022-2023 Compass Student Handbook and Resource Guide

Student Account Refund

Effective Date

Office of Primary Responsibility

Student Financial Services

Summary of Policy

Allegheny’s refund policies and procedures ensure equable refunds to students who withdraw, take a leave of absence, or are dismissed from all or a portion of their studies or when payment is in excess of the total charges on account.

A student is considered withdrawn for the College only if an official withdrawal form has been submitted to Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office will establish the official date of withdrawal.

Refunds of charges (tuition, required fees, room and board) are prorated per diem based on the academic calendar up to the 60% point in the semester. There are no refunds after that point in time. Application fees and tuition deposits are not refundable.

Reason for Policy

The College will comply with all applicable state and federal regulations governing the administration of refunds on student accounts. The refund guidelines that follow are established to ensure the ethical, professional, and timely delivery of student account refunds resulting from:

  • Federal financial aid disbursement that exceeds the allowable or authorized charges; or,
  • An overpayment of charges by a third party or scholarship donor; or,
  • A direct payment by cash, check, or credit card which exceeds the total charges on the account

The Policy

The refund policy applies to students who withdraw, takes a leave of absence, or is dismissed from the College, not withdrawals from individual courses. Request for withdrawal or leave of absence from the College must be obtained from the Dean of Students Office. The date of formal separation from the College is established by the Dean of Students Office; this date determines the refund.

Leave or Withdrawal Refunds

Withdrawal and Leave of Absence policies and guidelines can be found at here.

Current students withdrawing between semesters:
Pre-matriculation deposit is held until the student graduates or withdraws from the College. The student must notify the Office of the Dean of Students in writing and follow the procedure published on the Dean of Students website if he or she intends to withdraw from the College

DEADLINES: The Office of the Dean of Students must be notified July 1 prior to the start of the fall semester, and by one week prior to the first official day of classes for the spring semester to receive the full net pre-matriculation deposit. Failure to give such notification by these deadlines results in the forfeiture of one half of the deposit.

Any remaining balance of the deposit held by the College (after any outstanding charges have been deducted) is refundable after graduation or withdrawal from the College. The deposit cannot be applied to your balance due before graduation or withdrawal from the College.

If you take a leave or withdraw during the semester:
Refunds on all charges including tuition, required fees, room, and board will be prorated per diem, based on the academic calendar, up to the 60% point in the semester. There are no refunds after the 60% point in the semester.

Excessive use of meal plan may result in pro-ration based on consumption rather than the academic calendar.

Financial Aid implications are posted on Allegheny’s Financial Aid website.

Students will not receive a refund until all charges and financial aid perorations have been finalized. In some cases, the student may still carry a balance after the refund calculations are completed. Payment will be due 30 days after notification of the balance.

Credit balances on the student’s account will be refunded approximately 4 – 6 weeks after the student separates from the College.

Refund of Excessive Financial Aid (Title IV)

Allegheny will refund all credit balances that are a result of an excess of federal (Title IV) financial aid within two weeks after the first day of the semester or the date the aid was credited to a student’s account, whichever is later.

Refund checks as a result of Title IV financial aid will be made payable to the student and will be mailed to the student home address on file.

Current Student Refund Requests

Credit balances that are not a result of Title IV financial aid will not automatically be refunded. To request a refund, log into your WebAdvisor account and select the “Student Refund Request” link. This link will be available approximately one week prior to the start of classes each semester.

It is understandable that students are anxious to receive their refunds. However, processing the disbursements generally takes up to 3 weeks after the start of classes for each semester. Students should plan ahead to manage rent and expenses during this time. Individual requests for advances cannot be honored. Refunds are not processed until there is a credit on the student account.