2022-2023 Compass Student Handbook and Resource Guide 
    Jun 15, 2024  
2022-2023 Compass Student Handbook and Resource Guide [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Shafer Auditorium Policies

Effective Date

February 9, 2018

Office of Primary Responsibility

Office of Student Leadership and Involvement

Summary of Policy

Shafer Auditorium is a multi-functional space, including Music Department rehearsals and concerts, student organization and departmental events, and rentals by outside entities.

Reason for Policy

To ensure the fluid transition of events and harmony among users of the space, the following policies and guidelines have been implemented.

Policy Statement


Reservations are made through Scheduler. For each academic year the scheduling tier for placing reservations is as follows:

  • Prior to February 15: Academic classes
  • February 15-28: Major college events
  • March 1-31: Events for departments/programs/organizations (not dept. or org. mtgs)
  • April 1 – Reservations open to the Allegheny community

GENERAL INFORMATION: Adherence to all College policies is required.


  • Once the Scheduler reservation has been placed, SLI will contact you for a brief meeting.
  • Event advertising may not occur until the Reservation confirmation has been received.
  • Individuals requesting use of the auditorium, or the people signing this form, will assume responsibility for the use of the space, and the people accompanying the event.
  • Use of sound and lighting systems must be requested through the AV Technician and operators must be vetted by the AV Technician responsible for supervising the Auditorium.
  • Line sets shall not be operated or changed without supervision or training from College Technical staff.
  • The organization will be responsible for any damage to the stage floor, surrounding equipment, furniture, or props during the event. (Please refrain from dragging items across the stage floor.)
  • Furniture, stage pieces, and other equipment cannot be moved without first consulting SLI, the Music Department, or the AV Technician.
  • If it is necessary for the College to pay to have furniture, stage pieces, and other equipment returned to their original state, the cost will be billed/charged to the organization.
  • Items may not be affixed to the walls, floor, orchestra shells, ceiling shells, main curtain, or any upstage soft goods or batten without prior approval from the AV Technician.
  • Glitter, confetti, and other small items may not be used on the stage or in the audience.
  • Items may not be thrown in/into the audience during programs.
  • All equipment, decorations, and props must be removed from the Auditorium at the conclusion of the event unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Fog/smoke machines are prohibited.
  • Security will be required at events where admission is charged at the door. The organization is responsible for hiring security for the event. (Public Safety, Woodring, Other)
  • All films must be licensed by an authorized distributor before the film can be used for a public screening. The showing of films must be in compliance with Federal Copyright Law.
  • Last minute requests/changes cannot always be accommodated.


  • Following the event, the auditorium and stage are to be cleared of all trash and recycling.
  • Items left behind by event staff and patrons of the event are to be removed. Remaining items will be delivered to SLI for 48 hours, and then disposed of.
  • If it is necessary for Housekeeping to clean the space beyond normal use, the custodial fee is the responsibility of the dept/org and will be billed accordingly.


  • The sponsoring organization must provide contacts/ushers to be on duty during the entire event/practice/performance monitoring adherence of College policies.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the auditorium.
  • Aisles and exits may not be blocked with equipment or persons. Extra chairs may not be brought into the auditorium.
  • For events expecting more than 200 people, the sponsoring group may need to hire security.

Procedures for Utilizing Shafer Auditorium for All Groups/Organizations:

  • Appoint ushers to be on duty throughout the duration of all events.
  • Ushers are responsible for monitoring “Auditorium Etiquette and Protocol.”
  • Allow no food or drinks in the auditorium.
  • Only performers and stage support personnel are allowed on the stage (lighting, sound, etc). This is to protect the stage, curtains, and equipment.
  • Protect the stage flooring throughout the event from damage and refrain from dragging items across the floor.
  • Meet with AV Technician for sound, lighting, set/shells/curtains.
  • Use utmost care when moving the curtains
  • Remove materials and props from the facility immediately after the event
  • Where appropriate, print Auditorium Etiquette and Protocol on all programs and brochures (expectations are easier to enforce when they are properly communicated). I have read and agree to follow the regulations for use of Shafer Auditorium. Signatures of two organization members are required.

Auditorium Etiquette and Protocol

  • Once a performance has begun, if you must enter late or leave early, please wait for a break in the presentation and proceed quietly.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. Please do not leave children unattended.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the auditorium Your cooperation with the above guidelines is appreciated and will benefit the performance and those in attendance.