Advising Handbook 2022-2023 
    Jun 15, 2024  
Advising Handbook 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Journalism in the Public Interest

Journalism in the Public Interest
Academic Bulletin

Area of Study: Languages, Literature, and Culture
Now housed in Communication, Film, and Theatre

The Journalism in the Public Interest minor is currently under revision. Students interested in journalism as a possible minor should take JOURN 100, News Writing (which IS being offered this year); other courses for the minor will be announced in the upcoming months.

The minor requires a minimum of 20 semester credit hours. Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA in the minor. The minor requires: two applied journalism courses (JOURN 100 and 300); two journalism synthesis courses (JOURN 200 and 550); and a third applied journalism course or a practicum (JOURN 320 or JOURN 501 and 502).  

Course(s) Timing and Notes
JOURN 100 Typically offered both semesters each year. Students that are considering a JPI minor should enroll in that course as soon as possible.
JOURN 300 Students who cannot wait may substitute FDS 375, Documentary Tradition.
Both courses are offered once a year in alternate years. First-year students and sophomores may take JOURN 200. Rising juniors who have not taken either course should enroll in whichever course is offered in their junior year (even if that means taking JOURN 550 prior to JOURN 200). Students with a strong interest in journalism are encouraged to complete JOURN 100 in their first semester and JOURN 200 in their second semester. JOURN 550 will not be offered in 2021-2022.
JOURN 300 Offered one semester every year, usually (though not always) in the spring. It will be offered Spring 2020.
The editor(s)-in-chief of The Campus are responsible for approving JOURN 501 and JOURN 502 internships. Interested students should contact the advisor (Mike Crowley) and editor(s) for additional information.
JOURN 500 Internship with The Meadville Tribune is listed in the Academic Bulletin, but the publisher is currently not accepting interns. The long-tern status of this internship and course number will be addressed in the future.