Advising Handbook 2022-2023 
    Jun 10, 2023  
Advising Handbook 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dance and Movement Studies

Dance and Movement Studies
Academic Bulletin

Area of Study: Visual and Performing Arts
Now housed in Communication, Film, and Theatre

When advising a student interested in Dance Studies, please note:

  • All students take a common core of dance courses including:
    • DMS 100 – Principles of Movement (2 credits)
    • DMS 370 – Creative Processes (4 credits)
    • FSDMS 201 – Dance: Ritual of Experience (4 credits)
  • Students choose one additional four-credit course from the following electives:
    • INTDS 312 – The Neuroscience of Dance and Movement
    • DMS 470 – History of Contemporary Dance
  • In addition, Dance Minors take at least twelve credits of practice courses. Students are encouraged to seek advice from Dance and Movement Studies Faculty in selecting practice courses that suit their interests and goals.
  • Participation is required in at least one presentation or performance sponsored by the Allegheny Dance and Movement Studies Program.
  • The minor requires a minimum of 26 credits.

Suggested Schedule for the Minor in Dance and Movement Studies: Please note this is the SUGGESTED path of study. There are many time lines that are possible to complete this minor.

  1st Semester (Fall) 2nd Semester (Spring) Either Semester when Offered
First Year

FS 101

FS 102

DMS 100 or DMS electives


DMS 370 


DMS electives
DMS 100

Junior DMS 370 (if not already taken)  

DMS electives
Upper Level Elective


DMS electives